Innovative and Energy Efficient Solutions

South-Town Refrigeration & Mechanical offers a number of innovative solutions to increase your facility’s energy efficiency, streamline controls, and automate systems. 


Seamlessly manage your workspace environment and access with automated, computerized control systems. These systems regulate energy consumption throughout the facility, control physical access to the building, and operate surveillance equipment. Advanced remote communications and full system alarm capability prevent costly service losses. 

Our comprehensive building security systems integrate electronic card or key fob access, intrusion detection, photo badge processes, and digital video management that fully integrate with lighting and environmental controls. Flexible architecture options reduce system vulnerability while lowering maintenance and installation costs. 

Refrigeration Project Planning


South-Town Refrigeration & Mechanical offers innovative product solutions to further improve your company’s energy management, including LED lighting systems and Econofrost Night Curtains. 

Not only do LED lighting systems offer significant energy savings, they reduce many costs associated with traditional fluorescent lamps and offer a more uniform, brighter look. LED lights offer auto-dimming options with sensor technology for additional energy conservation. 

Econofrost Night Curtains provide a number of benefits, including energy savings of more than 36 percent per hour used, extended product shelf life, additional food safety and integrity, and multiple, ready-to-install sizing options.


2021 Energy Efficiency Partner Award, Xcel Energy


Contact South-Town Refrigeration & Mechanical today to learn more about our energy management solutions. 

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