Advanced Cooling System Sets the Bar High


When Lunds & Byerlys needed a cooling system for its new store in White Bear Lake, the company knew just where to turn. Ryan Welty, Vice President of Sales and Operations for South-Town Refrigeration & Mechanical, recently turned the spotlight on some details and intricacies of this project and discussed how this advanced cooling system sets the bar high.


For its new build, Lunds & Byerlys approached South-Town about an idea that had been in the works for a few years. The upscale supermarket chain is always on the cutting edge of technology and looking for ways to save energy, Welty said.

“They came to us and said, ‘We’re ready to pull the trigger on this CO2 system,’” he added.


South-Town installed the HillPhoenix Advansor CO2 System, which utilizes newer technology and uses CO2, a natural refrigerant, for sustainability. The Georgia-based Advansor company only manufactures these systems because the natural refrigerants are climate friendly.

“This is the first project, in the country” Welty said, “to integrate RDM controls with this technology.”

As such, the project was one of four that nabbed South-Town Refrigeration & Mechanical the North American Contractor of the Year award from Accelerate Magazine.

By comparison, the advanced cooling system has helped Lunds & Byerlys save energy versus another, similar location.

“It’s not apples to apples, but it’s relatively close,” Welty said. “They track their energy usage and were able to show more efficiency at this store.”


From refrigeration to freezers, the Advansor CO2 System controls the cold components within the store. But its efficiency goes one step further.

“They’re using energy from the refrigeration system to heat some of the water in the store. As it cools everything, the system generates heat,” Welty explained, “and we’re able to capture that heat to heat the domestic water.”


For an industry that expends a significant portion of its energy on refrigeration, it only makes sense to invest in a sustainable, efficient, and versatile system.

Costs for installation are generally no higher than those for a traditional system install. Once decided upon, Welty and his crew work on a game plan. This involves decisions that range from as simple as shelf color to as technical as engineering the system and determining capacities.

“Depending on which things they select,” Welty said, “I’d say the return on investment is about three to five years.”

For operations as well as the environment, the HillPhoenix Advansor CO2 System certainly sets the bar high. To learn more about this advanced cooling system or South-Town Refrigeration’s many other capabilities for efficiency and sustainability, contact us.

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